Informed guidance to differentiate your brand.

Decades of experience packaged for you to leverage.

Our consulting division takes our decades of experience working in every corner of the sports marketing industry and allows you direct access to it as you seek to modernize and enhance your property’s offering.

When a potential new sponsor arrives at your website, as they assuredly will after being pitched by you, will they arrive at a site that would make them proud to be part of? Or do they sort of wince away at it and start second-guessing their discussions with you?

When you send a proposal to win a new sponsor, are you sending them a generic text document? Or, are you wowing them with thoughtfully designed and remarkable digital experiences?

Professional material design to set your brand apart.

Websites and proposals are your first impressions to set the tone for the kind of partner you will be. Make it right.

When your property is going after that mega title sponsor, that huge piece of business that could redefine how you run your operation, SD will be your differentiator. Our experience allows us to take abstract RFP points and turn them into a targeted response that underscores your property’s strengths. Pull in our creative services department and you will have a beautiful and specialized presentation to win.

Website Development


Proposal Development


Update your positioning in the market

Consumer habits, media platforms, metrics, activaion strategies and the needs of clients are constantly evolving. Stay ahead of them by constantly seeking to be the best positioned to help them achieve their goals.

Produce remarkable materials

The website links, PDFs, and graphics you send as follow up to represent your brand will be shared amongst executives and influencers that have the decision-making power to partner with you. Make them remarkable.

Modernize your approach to activation

Brands looking to sponsor you will not be impressed by gold, silver and bronze level packages that include logo placements as a primary asset. Identify what truly separates you from the rest and deliver value at every turn.

All of that, but we do not sell sponsorship inventory.

There are agencies that represent rights holders and act as their sales arm. They are paid a commission for any new deals that get brought in for the rights holder and in turn incentivized to procure the biggest, longest deals possible.  

That’s not what we do. 

We will not actively sell brands on why they should sponsor you as a series, team, driver, venue or event. Instead, we bring decades of 360-degree industry expertise internally for you as you look to grow. We believe the way you present yourself through your materials will affect what kinds of interest you receive in partnerships. Our team will help you position yourself for success.