Treating your guests like they are our own.

Hosting the right people at the right time can lead to big business.

When you have business access to suites and tickets across sports, concerts and other events it can feel overwhelming to manage everything required and then make sure your guests have a great time. Hospitality is innate to our team at SD, plugging in seamlessly between you and the venue. We handle details big and small so you can stay focused on the most ROI-generating aspect of this investment – connecting with your guests. Our hospitality programs connected with sales programs have been the catalyst to generating millions of dollars of revenue for our clients. With us on your side, the only detail you have to remember is what time you need to show up to host your guests. We will handle the rest.

A note on safety

Your guest’s safety and wellbeing underscore all the luxurious and exciting things we do for them. Our hospitality team has industry-wide certifications including annual Red Cross BLS, First Aid and AED training to be ready in any circumstance. Before our major events, we arrive early to connect with local law enforcement to understand anything specific to be aware of. Always on hand are sunscreen, water, rain ponchos and ear plugs when we head outside to an event.

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Services in Detail

Planning to host your guests is a near full-time job. That is in addition to the near full-time job it is to prepare to engage with your guests in the best way. All of that on top of your day job. Let us handle all of this so you can focus on your guests.

Hospitality Strategy

You want to make sure your experience is in line with what your guests enjoy. We can build the most premium, exclusive experiences or more casual and family-friendly events.

Agreement Negotiation

There is often a lot of fine print when it comes to renting out venues and event space. We have seen all sorts of clauses and navigate those effectively on your behalf.


We schedule and coordinate things down to the 30-second mark (really) with all kinds of back up plans built out to ensure you never miss a moment. 

Guest Accommodation

Flights, hotels, transportation, dinner reservations are all taken care of. This extends your ability to shape an experience for guests from door to door, and not just at the event.

Vendor Direction

We’re in daily contact with vendors to manage all the details leading up to your event. From catering to A/V to decoration, our team will orchestrate as many vendors as you need.

Budget Management

Large budget or targeted, we keep track of every cost to the dollar and cent to make sure everything can be attributed back to the right place afterwards.

Leverage Hospitality as a Brand Differentiator

We approach hospitality as a differentiator for our clients. Learn more about how it fits into the overall strategy.

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