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Sport Dimensions' Partners GT Celebration Post 2021 Schedule

12/15/20 11:03 AM

It is no small feat to start and launch a new motorsports series. There are many stakeholders involved, the scale is massive, logistics count for a lot, and the lead time required to do it properly is usually the breaking point. If you have the team to pull it off, it sure is a beautiful thing when it all comes together. That's just what Rob Morgan has done with GT Celebration, sports car racing designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

The series held its first events in 2020 and has taken the momentum started and already carried it into 2021 by announcing an exciting schedule for its competitors at world renowned race tracks from February to October. We are excited to continue our support for the series as it develops through the new year.2021-gt-celebration-schedule_FB

Our work expands on how we helped launched the series in December of 2019. GTC was on a tight time frame and turned to us to produce the promotional website and accompanying marketing deck for the series. They took these materials and brought them along to interviews with Racer Magazine and other industry media while also showing them off to the series' soon-to-be members.

Our team began building the launch materials for the series including UX design, backend setup, imagery layout, copywriting, iconography and more. The total project happened through the holidays and had a 30-day turnaround so SD's nimbleness and effective action was leveraged to the maximum in this case.

Rob and his team only needed to spend 10 minutes educating us on his concept, what the cars would be like, where they would they would be racing, etc. We speak the motorsports language and immediately recognized and appreciated what his vision for the series was. No time wasted explaining what a GT3 car actually was, for example.

We couldn't be more excited for our continued partnership with GT Celebration and the development of the events. Learn more about the series and view more materials at www.gtcelebration.com.

You could hire a creative agency that doesn't know the racing industry to build your material set. But if you're not interested in having to describe the difference between IndyCar and IMSA over and over again, turn to us to get your property elevated to the level it belongs.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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