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SD Team Spotlight: Josh Day

6/9/17 3:56 PM

Josh Day is a Brand Account Executive at Sport Dimensions. He is responsible for negotiating and executing the Shell Rotella Cup, creating on-site hospitality for Rotella customers and guests, and enhancing brand awareness during National Tractor Puller's Association (NTPA) events. His largest project of the year is managing the hugely successful Pennzoil 400 in Las Vegas He also manages the Shell Fuel for Success program, the Koester Racing Pulling Team, and supports other Sport Dimensions' clients on-site at NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, and NHRA events. We sat down with Josh in Charlotte and got a chance to learn more:

Josh was born and raised in Hudson, NC, located an hour northwest of Charlotte at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Josh spent most of his childhood playing baseball but also attended numerous NASCAR events each season, as well as spending a good amount of time at the short track located in Hickory, NC. He is an avid college football fan and tries to attend as many college games as possible each year.

Bring us back to how and when you joined SD?

I joined SD back in 2008 in primarily an event support role. I met Myra Harper (another SD team member) through her brother, a college teammate, and helped support a few one-off events. Myra and I kept in touch over the next few years and I was eventually brought on full-time. Since 2008, my role has grown significantly and I now work on multiple client fronts.

What is it about sports business that you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy hosting customers at events. It is always great to be able to show a customer how their support of our client's business directly relates to successes on the track. I feel like it is important to make any customer or consumer understand that although they may think their support is minimal, when you add it all up it can make a huge difference on how successful a team can be in competition.

Give us your best piece of advice for young professionals.

There are a couple of things that I try to always keep in mind...

1. Always try to under promise and over deliver. This way if something like weather, travel delays, or anything else that may be out of your control happens, you have not made promises that you are unable to fulfill.

2. Always follow the "5-Ps to Success" - Proper preparation, prevents poor performance...If you prepare properly for whatever you are doing, then your level of performance should never be below your expected results.

Any good movies lately?

Not really a movie guy...cool, dark places make me sleepy. Plus I find it hard to sit still and/or quiet for that amount of time.

Tell us about your favorite memory in your career so far.

It would have to be the Phoenix fall NASCAR race in 2014, when we had a consumer sweepstakes winner and her son as guests. The young man was probably late 20s, early 30s and had a mental handicap. He was a huge NASCAR fan so his excitement throughout the day was out of this world.

During the driver and crew chief meeting, the NASCAR Officials went through all the details they typically cover and then asked if anyone had any questions. As you can imagine it was very quiet in the tent and everyone was waiting for a response from the drivers, but before anyone could speak up, this young man yelled out "Nope!"

The entire tent, drivers, crew chiefs, everyone turned and looked at the young man who was smiling from ear to ear and NASCAR's Director of Competition said, "well then, let's pray!" It was definitely something I will never forget. The young man brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the whole day that it is without a doubt the best day I have ever had at a race track!


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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan, he says there's no feeling like being on the starting line of a Top Fuel drag race.


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