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Top 3 Sponsorship Activation Opportunities in 2018

1/9/18 1:07 PM

When you are searching for ways to spice up your marketing strategy, few can get you there like motorsports can. If you have a product or service with impressive technology or performance, sponsorship is the best way to bring it to life for millions of fans around the world. It takes more than a logo on the car to get that done, and that is where the right sponsorship activation comes into play.

While motorsports across the board is bringing innovative approaches for its stakeholders to engage in, we are especially excited to develop programming in these series.

3 bullets each for 3 promising sponsorship activation opportunities:

1. Formula 1


  • The best fan access of any series, with fans being able to view within feet of the pits during the action.
  • Women are among the leading stars of the show, breaking records and winning championships.
  • Have you ever been on the starting line of a Top Fuel run? Enough said.

3. Formula Drift

2018 is shaping up to be an increasingly important time for brands to maximize ROI in live entertainment. We see motorsports as playing a key role in that growth. Did we miss any opportunities that you are excited about? Send us a note below.

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