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Welcome to the Paddock

2/2/21 10:47 AM

Our team gets pretty excited anytime that we see a brand make the move to become involved in motorsports. It’s a new frontier and an opportunity for that brand to enhance the entire sport. In racing, sponsors have that kind of influence. An event’s title sponsor can make or break the experience for the fans and even the competitors. Also overlooked, the "paddock effect" can be the most valuable aspect of a motorsports sponsorship. The camaraderie among sponsors and willingness to develop business relationships is simply part of the paddock DNA. It far exceeds other sports

Seeing the new storylines, learning about a new industry and seeing the brand itself competing on track is an inspiration. It’s a rush. Our team believes in the power of sponsorship activation as part of a brand’s marketing strategy and we are eager to see each and every new sponsor succeed.

We put this together as a congratulation, a welcome, a thank you, an encourager and in general a way to say “we are excited you are here.”

Welcome to the Paddock

We recognize hundreds of brands enter motorsports every year, while inevitably some other brands sunset their involvement, so we won’t be able to welcome every single one but we will certainly do our best. Welcome to the most exciting form of marketing there is!

23XI Racing

When someone like Michael Jordan does anything, people tend to notice. When they do something that might not fit your stereotypical narrative, people tend to fluster. Long a fan of NASCAR and also long a sponsor through Jumpman with Denny Hamlin, the two combine to bring a refreshingly innovative team together to race. 

Bubba-Wallace-DoordashImage courtesy of Jayski

Columbia Sportswear

The benefits of partnering with a team is the access you get to the talent within that team. Already off to a great start with Bubba Wallace, we'd love to see Columbia look into the lifestyles of the crew, engineering and wider team at 23XI to showcase how diverse and adaptable their products are.


We felt this was a matter of time and a natural fit. World events have brought delivery services of all kinds to the forefront of culture and DoorDash is leveraging the momentum with a striking paint scheme and storyline with Bubba Wallace, Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin.

Dr. Pepper

Coca-Cola has long dominated the advertising world from TV to print to outdoor to sponsorship. It may feel counter-intuitive for a smaller brand to try and go head to head with a major player but we think it is strategic and savvy. Simply being seen next to your competition automatically puts you into the consideration phase - a strategy that has worked wonders for brands such as Burger King and Reebok.

Books sell better in bookstores than they sell in butcher shops. In a bookstore, surrounded by all the competition, a book is in the right place to be seen, compared and ultimately purchased and read."

-Seth Godin


McDonalds has been involved in motorsports for many years, but with their alignment to 23XI Racing, they showcase how you can successfully pivot from a difficult set of circumstances outside of your control to a new set of circumstances that allow you to make a statement. The tie here with lifestyle and the subtle metaphors of speed with fast food is what brings it all together.

Root Insurance

Capitalizing on a massive year from Bubba Wallace, we are excited to see how this startup insurance brand can shake up the old guard. The alignment with Bubba (racing for 23XI Racing) is especially sharp because he is also on his quest to shake up the old guard. This makes the content they produce together particularly emotional and inspiring.


ally-financial-nashvilleImage courtesy of Ally and NASCAR

We have followed Ally's journey in motorsports since even before they joined. They offer up a best practice in timing, and recognizing a unique opportunity when it delivers to you. Rather than associating with a team or track, Ally chose to base their campaign around the driver - Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie's passion and professionalism has now taken them from NASCAR to coming in second in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

Rather than abandon the equity they have built with Johnson in NASCAR, they remained with Team Hendrick and expanded to NASCAR's newest event as title sponsor of the event in Nashville all in just 2-3 years.

Their biggest challenge going forward will be to maintain sustainability, continually deliver value to their stakeholders and begin to integrate their remarkable inventory of assets into programs that drive business.

ally-racing-dpi-daytonaImage courtesy of Autoweek


Renault is using their manufacturer-level investment in motorsport to elevate the Alpine sub-brand they also own. F1 means high-tech, high-performance, international and luxury. Associating with these elements allows the consumer to organically reposition their perception of your brand toward the desired state.

Alpine is a beautiful brand, powerful and vibrant, that brings a smile to the faces of its followers. By introducing Alpine, a symbol of French excellence, to the most prestigious of the world’s automotive disciplines, we are continuing the adventure of manufacturers in a renewed sport.

- Luca de Meo (ITA) Groupe Renault Chief Executive Officer

Armor All

Another clever endemic match is the popular car care brand to join NASCAR. The relationship is deeper as it seems with Armor All being a sibling brand to STP, which has been partnered with Richard Petty for a remarkable 50 straight years ranging from title sponsor to associate sponsor of both The King's driving career and team ownership.

armor-all-rpm-2021Image courtesy of RPM.


IT is a natural fit for motorsports, especially Formula 1 where the demand for secure data is insatiable and reaching terabytes per weekend. Coming in at the maximum-level of partnership, Cognizant joins great momentum started with the re-introduction of Aston Martin into Formula 1. Cognizant now as access to bring their employees, customers and partners to the track to see and experience the product and service operating at the highest levels.

cognizant-aston-martin-f1Image courtesy of Cognizant


AI and cloud computing play an ever-important role in businesses of all shapes and sizes. The need for speed, safety, reliability and pushing the boundaries of technology are all metaphors that fit with motorsports through and through. Genesys has activated their partnership in IndyCar around events like the Indy 500 and venues such as Texas Motor Speedway. We are excited to see them now further their engagement with the well-regarded and loved Canadian James Hinchcliffe through the full season.


There are so many unique companies with massive operations in the B2B space that don't yet have mainstream brand recognition. Sponsorship can be the perfect platform to tell your brand's story because often these companies have their products or services in use by the other partner. You can show what you do a lot better over the course of a season rather than in a few TV spots.

HighPoint's entry with established and wildly-successful Stewart-Haas Racing (also founded on B2B principles) is sure to educate their audience in the thrilling way only motorsports can.

2021-14-highpointImage courtesy of Jayski

Kohler Generators

Kohler is a well-known, well-respected brand most noticed for their work inside the house. We see this partnership as a step to expand that awareness for their work on the specific product line of generators. The audience built and nurtured by NASCAR is a great fit that provides Kohler with numerous lifestyle and professional storylines to connect to.


Both a welcome to our home state of Colorado as HQ and to the world of motorsports, Palantir continues to bring a sophisticated technology to F1 with a team partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. Most known for handling highly sensitive and complex data platforms - F1's environment will push speed, security and global reliability.

TMT Racing

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has been working on getting a team in NASCAR for some time now and it looks like 2021 is the year for it thanks to the unique ways you can leverage technical partnerships to subsidize certain startup costs. We are excited to follow the development of a team that has the potential to bring new dimensions to the race track.

Trackhouse Racing

Featuring a compelling lineup of Justin Marks and Pitbull as co-owners, we are eager to see how fashion, entertainment, culture can come together with brands that come on board. One of the team's founding partners, CommScope, will continue to support the team's leading driver Daniel Suárez. No doubt this expansion will elevate this initiative with passion and authenticity that is likely to cause fundamental changes to how a team can operate and compete.


Verizon has been around motorsports for many years, going from title sponsor of IndyCar to integrated B2B partner of Team Penske. They have taken that experience and success at a team level and expanded as an official partner of NASCAR to bring 5G technology to 12 race tracks over the next couple of years.

We've written about the importance of your sponsorship enhancing the overall experience and Verizon does just that with this initiative.

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