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What Does Your Marketing Do for Your Employees?

8/18/20 2:41 PM

Understandably so, most marketing is thought of as a way for companies to engage customers or prospective customers in order to increase sales. But what if you had a platform that would allow you to do just that, but also engage your employees?When you get the platform for your brand right, you can touch multiple different audiences (including your own team) with your work. Here are two companies that engage their employees to create meaningful work. These two companies also showcase that you can be in any form of business to capitalize on this largely overlooked resource in your marketing strategy - your own team.

Arrow Electronics

For the last couple of years, Arrow Electronics has partnered with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to push the boundaries of technology on the track and off of it. While on track has led them to plenty of success, one of their most notable results comes from their work on the "SAM" or "Semi-Autonomous Motorcar" project. Learn more about the project from Arrow here.

While sponsorship was the platform used here to really bring this project to life, it was the way Arrow leveraged the right assets to complete the story. Arrow engineers took advantage of what has traditionally been a marketing program, and used it to build cutting-edge technology that can be tied directly back to the business. This type of activation may not appear to generate sales straight away, but it allows for the team to build on top of a compelling story. Not only does this push technology forward, it also offers you the opportunity to document and share your work.


In a partnership with their ad agency, Droga5, Johnsonville opened the door to their Wisconsin HQ to allow their employees to take the creative reins on the company's ad campaigns. The results, while not exactly traditional, were exceptional. Adweek wrote a more detailed story of how this came about and also included some of the finished product like this 70's game show featuring various products.

Based on this campaign to feature their employees, Johnsonville could extend this unique approach to other platforms they have access to beyond TV. Their sponsorship properties come to mind.

These are two great examples of how integrating your most important stakeholders into one, cohesive program can pay massive dividends for your brand. We expanded on this idea and explored how you can leverage sponsorship to excite your employees, partners and customers when strategically aligned.

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