An organic extension of your sales and marketing team.

Sport Dimensions is about partnership, process and passion.

We help companies maximize value from their marketing assets while exploring every opportunity to develop business. We are effective for a fresh evaluation of existing assets or to help guide a new beginning. No matter how we begin together, we are confident you’ll find plenty of excitement.

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Our Story

The passion for performance began at an early age for our founder & CEO, Ron Schneider. Even before the company officially began in 1995, Ron has been entrenched in all things motorsports. Ron’s experience developed from working in many disciplines within the world of motorsports including race engineering with BF Goodrich, sanctioning body management with SCCA, race team direction with Team Rahal, agency involvement with Corporate Motorsports and on the sponsor side with Bell Helmets and BF Goodrich.

Shell became our first client in 1995 when they made the strategic shift from acquiring sponsorship assets to activating them. We continue to proudly represent them to this day along with some of the most remarkable brands in sports working within every discipline.

Our Makeup

Sport Dimensions is built with senior-level professionals from every corner of the industry. We operate in an agile and efficient way that will have you working with the same people from first discussion to project launch. No more getting passed off from one department to the next.

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Our Approach

We encourage you to start small with marketing investments - which runs counter to what you might hear from other agencies. We want to take the time to know the platform, test programs internally and externally, understand what works, and then grow toward where we see the return.

Establishing the right foundations from the beginning is critical. Without internal support from leadership, a program can be set up to fail before it starts. It is common for brands to enthusiastically support a new campaign without having a focused plan to generate results. This limited approach will break down to a 3-phase cycle: honeymoon, reality check, and fade with little to show for it.

We don’t want that to happen to your team, so we represent you with years of expertise from every discipline of the industry. While we guide you toward calculated decisions, it is still your objective, your culture and your budget that shapes the program we develop.

Prioritizing Quality

Doing more with less is one of our specialties. Our team believes in carrying out any project, big or small, with the utmost focus on quality. We strive to eliminate noise and superfluous choices so you can focus on what delivers.

Prioritizing Partnerships

We want to team up with you to maximize value out of what your marketing program already has access to. This plays out in the form of collaborating, innovating, and executing with no time left over for pitching.

Prioritizing Results

We prioritize sustainable results over any short-lived stunt. You’ll find us developing creative ways for non-traditional business units to leverage and integrate marketing assets across your entire organization.

Our Network

When you start a relationship with Sport Dimensions, you start one with our expansive network. Through our history, we have worked with some of the best organizations in the world and are eager to connect you with what will drive results for your business.