Youth mentorship, education and recreation.

About Fuel For Success

We feel very fortunate to do what we get to do every day. We are surrounded by talented, ambitious and inspiring people. We realize not everyone has that so readily available, but for every new project we do or program we think up, we want to help provide access and opportunities for others. To do this in the best way we know how, we helped launch an organization with Todd Smith called Fuel For Success. Todd is now the managing director and our team runs the operations helping with partnerships, event support, digital content and more.

Fuel for Success has several law enforcement agencies throughout the United States working together with young Americans. Fuel for Success strives to give students meaningful experiences around the United States centered around mentorship, education and recreation. Whether at a professional motorsports event on the weekend or at a sanctioned event at their school, student's self esteem and self confidence is raised by the positive influence of the team. It is community engagement at its finest and has been nominated for numerous program awards, including NASCAR's Betty Jane France Award.

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About the Founder

Todd Smith is a police officer by trade at the Colton (California) Police Department, now serving at a local high school. Todd founded Fuel for Success after attending a NASCAR race in 2007 at Auto Club Speedway, an experience that compelled him to start a youth program centered around the NASCAR community.

He has dedicated himself to serving young lives all across the country and continues to seek unique ways to integrate local leadership with young students.

Grassroots Programs

Through various extra-curricular programs including internships, team projects and community outreach, members of Fuel For Success are shown the value of healthy lifestyles, hard work, following your dreams, and the rewards of leading a drug free lifestyle.

Anti-bullying Assemblies

Community Engagement

Custom Activations

STEM Initiatives

Leadership Development

After School Programs

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We believe strongly in supporting the next generation and providing them every opportunity to flourish. Our success is our community's success. When you partner with us, you gain access to something that does more than checking the box. It builds sustainable value for at-risk youth day in and day out.

There are also many ways to partner with Fuel for Success directly across a variety of programs.