Improving brand recall with the right strategy and onsite experience.

The Story

Have you ever seen those orange and green spray-painted lines across streets, sidewalks and yards? Have you ever wondered what all that means? They are specific markings for power, sewer, fiberoptic and water lines that are buried beneath the surface and out of sight. There is an entire world of infrastructure underground that each one of us relies on to function as a society. For any construction project, it is a law to have these lines marked by professionals who have a map of these various lines before any digging takes place. This is to prevent from anything be hit by a worker and cause a major accident.

Well, the same service exists for all of us. It is called 811 and it is a free service that you can call (dial 8-1-1) to have a professional inspector come to your home or office and mark your property before you dig for a yard work project, renovation, or for any other reason. This service is widely accessible, but less widely known about. There is not the same instinct that 911 has, even though the consequences of not using 811 could be severe. Our goal with the service was to broaden the message reach, improve brand recall, inspire action and otherwise be helpful to the community.

811 is an organization that is built from major companies that have assets buried underground. Think of utilities, water companies and energy companies that rely on underground infrastructure. We represent those kinds of companies, so we got the opportunity to represent 811 with various projects.


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We identified various motorsports properties that share the demographics and psychographics of 811's primary audience and allowed 811 to come meet their audience where they were - the racetrack. There are also key markets and locations for 811 that also overlap with the professional motorsports calendar like California, Texas and the North East. Once these synergies were identified and built into the activation strategy, it was all about finding the right assets to leverage to reach 811's primary objective of increasing brand recall.

We built out targeted campaigns across NASCAR, INDYCAR and IMSA that provided 811 with unique media access that expanded their messaging to a more engaged audience. The ROI-boosting component of our work here was the way we integrated assets from their parent organization, Common Ground Alliance, like their road show hot air balloon that we arranged to visit multiple racetracks. This allowed more divisions of the organization and more stakeholders gain access to a set of assets that they otherwise would not have had.

Even subtle changes to the creative were inspired by our insight of how things are perceived in the sponsorship context. Billboards need a certain approach to be successful, as to paint schemes and other markings on the car.