We develop and manage engaging events that your brand can activate in unique ways.


Creating a proprietary event allows you ultimate ownership to activate your brand's involvement in powerful ways. We have developed and managed some of the most unique events in the country, putting our partners in control of the experience.

You don't want your brand to be just another logo listed on the bottom of a flyer at the next event, you want your brand to be the event.

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One of the largest events we have worked on is the
Shell Eco-marathon Americas.

We partnered with Shell to bring their global, proprietary fuel-mileage competition to the Americas. The event has been held in Europe for 27 years, and first came to the Americas in 2007 when Shell brought us in to develop and manage it. Since then, we have visited 3 cities, hosted students from North and South America, built a race track for the weekend on the streets of Downtown Detroit, and continue to encourage thousands of students to push the boundaries of mobility.


Shell Eco-marathon: Growth and Integration

Through Sport Dimension's expertise in motorsports marketing, we strategically integrated the event into other Shell sponsorship properties, including activation in Formula 1 with Scuderia Ferrari. This integration reinforces Shell's continued mission of innovation from track to road.

As the event has grown, Sport Dimensions has managed all event logistics, on-site environment (temporary structures, A/V, electrical, catering, etc.), event branding, contract negotiation, sponsorship solicitation and participant recruitment. 

The results of this event are impactful on a global scale. By hosting this event, Shell provides students the platform and resources to accomplish seemingly unthinkable fuel mileage, up to 2,500 miles per gallon.

When you put it all together, you end up with a remarkable event. Learn more.

Pennzoil Burnout Competition

The MLB has the homerun competition, the NBA has the slam dunk contest. Motorsports was missing a specialty event of their own, so we developed NASCAR's first-ever burnout competition in partnership with our friends at Pennzoil. Creating a unique platform for customer and fan engagement, our program included numerous activation opportunities such as awarding a select few winners to ride along for the action.

Complete with a scoring system, a panel of celebrity judges including Kevin Spacey and Randy Moss, and a whole lot of smoke. The events were a fan favorite, a driver favorite and certainly a media favorite.


Fuel for Success

Partnering with law enforcement departments around the country, we are activating motorsports sponsorship in an impactful way. It is an honor for us to have worked with the Colton Police Department to develop the Fuel for Succcess program to continually mentor, educate and provide unique opportunities for young Americans to be active in the community.

From meeting professional race car drivers and teams, to learning the value of STEM education through airpowered car competitions and more, working with members of Fuel for Success is one of our most rewarding programs.

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