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10,000,000 views with a celebration of brand heritage.

The Story

A few years ago, the great minds at NASCAR and Darlington Raceway created the now hyper-popular “Throwback Weekend” in the fall to celebrate the dynamic heritage found in every corner of motorsports. In years past, our clients at Shell have used iconic paint schemes from the past from NASCAR and the other series they are involved to tell a story and participate in a way only they can.

For the latest installment, the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford Mustang, driven by 2018 Cup Series Champion Joey Logano, carried a paint scheme from Shell’s time with Richard Childress Racing – who was celebrating their 50th anniversary. The tribute to RCR was part of the story, but a humorous twist in the reveal video linking Logano to the car, former team, former driver, and post-race skirmish was the hit of the effort.

Watch Joey Logano unpack the whole story with NBCSN below.


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Shell has been our client since 1995. We have grown and evolved together in partnership and continue to bring up special projects that only we would be able to spot. This was one of them. SD was heavily involved in Shell's re-entry into NASCAR as a major sponsor in 2007. At the time, we consulted with them to bring them to Richard Childress Racing for a productive partnership that lasted multiple years.

We represented Shell during the time when (current Shell-Pennzoil driver) Joey Logano made a cheeky comment at (past Shell-Pennzoil driver) Kevin Harvick. The paint scheme that Kevin won in was iconic in more ways than one. It was one of the closest race finishes in NASCAR history, it was the Daytona 500, it was Shell's return to the sport, it was the first race of the RCR partnership. For all those reasons, its significance earned it the right to be run again over 10 years later.

And in 10 years, a lot can change. We had since helped Shell align with Team Penske and a couple of drivers have had their shot at the wheel. One thing that stayed consistent was our work with Shell that had us present the idea to also bring something other than the paint scheme back - Joey's comment to Kevin about who is wearing the pants in the family.

The consistency and deeply rooted partnership that SD brings is paramount. With an average client tenure of 10.1 years, we want to build sustainable and thoughtful work together that can ultimately be reconnected after time.