gt celebration

Launching a high-end sports car series.

The Story

Creating a new motorsports series is a difficult task. It doesn't happen automatically and requires all the things you need for any other startup plus large-scale equipment, specialized expertise, and a network that enables you to make things happen for your membership. GT Celebration was born officially in 2019, although has roots a few years prior to that coming from a lineage of successful series ownership and management, including Pirelli's World Challenge series.

The series serves the unique audience of retired race cars and their owners. Previously, they have not had a community-based and exciting place to race this level of equipment. The series had started some of the initial brand development prior to partnering up with SD but needed a significant suite of marketing material to launch it with the right momentum.

The series approached us to develop a new website and new pitch deck to properly present itself for membership, media and future partners. We were on a tight timeline of two weeks, which we delivered on and then some. To complete their launch package, GT Celebration leaned into our capabilities to execute custom email campaigns, new-business proposal development, operational support, media outreach and community engagement.

"GT Celebration is the newest class in sports car racing taking retired FIA class cars and giving them their own space to race and compete. We know there are many teams and drivers that have access to this level of car but are not interested in racing at the IMSA or SRO level. Even so, they still want to race against cars just like theirs. We founded GT Celebration to bridge this gap."

Rob Morgan, CEO & Founder of GT Celebration

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At its core, SD is a sports marketing agency with a specialty in motorsports. We know the industry and we know the market - we also happen to be quite good at the other stuff you need an agency for like creative content and strategy. When GT Celebration first approached us with their first needs, their leadership didn’t need to waste a bit of time educating us on what a GT3 Cup Car was, or what happens after they run professionally. We got it, we get it, and we live it.

Each of us has an innate understanding and shared passion for motorsports. Our team was able to work in rich collaboration with GTC on their specific corner of motorsports. Our team injected organic, natural copywriting for the series because we could all see ourselves as part of this community straight away. We expanded their brand with identifying motifs and marks that set GTC apart from the pack through their various touch points.

SD was perfect this because of how quick and efficient we are. As a responsive agency, GTC came to us in mid-December and needed a full website, pitch deck and regulatory documents done before the holidays.

The materials were GTC's lead-off in media interviews, membership inquiries, manufacturer marketing and much more.