Pennzoil 400

Redefining what is possible for how a brand can activate a title sponsorship.

The Story

When a brand chooses to become a title partner of an event, the entitlement sponsor, the game changes. Suddenly your brand owns the entire event and has the asset inventory to significantly impact the fan experience. Your brand is on a higher level and can act as a touch point all through the weekend.

It takes a special skillset to execute an event like this. There are hundreds of small details that all must be executed perfectly in real time to add up to something remarkable. When our clients at Pennzoil approached us with the opportunity they had been given to become the title sponsor of a NASCAR Cup Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we were giddy with excitement. We had already brought their sister brand, Quaker State, to the main stage as title sponsors with their ongoing multi-year partnership with Kentucky Speedway. Now was the time to take on Las Vegas.

In these cases, your first impression is critical. How will your brand improve the event experience? What is it like to go to the Pennzoil 400? How will you maximize the ROI on every new asset you have just acquired? These questions, along with many more, need to be addressed in less than one year's time. Unlike other areas of operation, there are firm and non-negotiable deadlines enforced for projects like this. It is our job to remove superfluous choices to improve your internal efficiency and encourage strong decisions to better your positioning.



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As an internal brand manager who has just inherited a truck load of new, exclusive, diverse and high-profile assets, it can be stressful to navigate all on your own. The first thing we did was take inventory of the assets and build out a use-case strategy for each one to make sure the right people received the right experience. That meant guiding sales contests, advising on in-store promotions and programs to reach beyond the racetrack and event weekend.

The next step was directing the design of the signage and at-track look & feel. While we continue shifting toward experiential and more sophisticated programming to maximize ROI, the branding guests see still needs to be perfect. To ensure internal communication about this direction stayed at the forefront, our business services team developed an internal-only microsite to manage thousands of asset requests from across the continent. 

Our hospitality team managed a set budget, 20 individual vendors, 600 ticket requests and 580 hotel rooming requests. We designed a 200-person cocktail party overlooking the Las Vegas Strip for the top customers and leadership in attendance on the night before the race to leverage the importance of business networking at an event of this scale.

After it was all said and done, we sorted through the different campaigns and built the results into a beautiful, digital microsite recap. The follow up analysis allows us to continually optimize the experience and provide benchmarking goals for future programs.