rotella cup

Targeted, business-generating proprietary events.

The Story

Shell Rotella is a leading brand of heavy-duty lubricants that is suitable only for a certain type of machinery. Think big. Think tractors, trucks, and farming equipment that have a higher demand on components than a lighter-weight vehicle would have. Rotella needed to be involved in partnerships with an audience who deeply understood this higher demand and relished in it. The more specific the audience, the more specific the approach needs to be. Specific doesn't need to mean small, either. It just needs to be relevant.

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With a product that serves farming and heavy industry, we identified a sport founded in these qualities - the NTPA. The National Tractor Pullers Association is the largest pulling sanctioning body in the world and hosts events all summer long across the United States. In 2009, we worked with Rotella and the NTPA to develop a championship within a championship and named it The Rotella Cup. The Rotella Cup started with three targeted events and grew where we were seeing success expanding the program to ten events.

The Rotella Cup provides direct access to thousands of large trucking fleet and farm owners. We've kept the program flexible throughout the years to support multiple directions of consumer engagement and be inclusive of customer partners. The relationships built through the NTPA have fostered millions of dollars of business development.

The program has been activated across multiple platforms including TV, social/digital, key customer engagements and influencer partner integrations. We featured unique sales-generating strategies like geo-fenced advertising, pass-through rights to extend access to key customers and can't-be-bought experiences onsite.

The value captured here has been immense due to a highly engaged audience that remained receptive to Rotella's product story. To provide even more value to the competitors and to the sport, we arranged a business to business agreement that put the best product in the hands of the NTPA's community.