Raise the profile of your marketing team.

Demonstrate results, share your story and build value.

For many, the end of the event means the start of the next project. For us, the end of the event means the beginning of telling your story to the world. Share this story with your leadership and continue to prove your team’s ROI with rich, metric-focused follow up. The right follow up brings together inspiring photos and videos that allow your audience to relive their experience time and time again.

In any case, it is critical we show results for you, so we continually improve together. Those results are going to depend mostly on what you seek to accomplish, so this part is all about collaboration. We’d like to give you an introduction to our capabilities - you may use one of them, or you may use all of them. We may even create a new metric or process together, and we are all for that.

Our Ever-Expanding Capabilities

From hard metrics to thoughtful videos to beautiful design supporting your sponsorship, we have you covered.



We shoot effective videos that are fit for purpose. If you don't need a 6-point light setup and crew, then why pay for that? Think of us as a mini-production company with every resource you need to shoot high-quality commercials and social media clips in rapid fashion. Our library is vast and continues to grow but check out some recent videos right here.


Your content is the bridge between you and your audience. Leveraging the right mix throughout your campaign lifecycle can leave a lasting impression during your follow up. Our capabilities in this space are only limited by imagination but our most popular services include microsites, photo plaques, personalized books and recap decks.


Communication becomes especially important when hosting guests at an event so that everyone knows the smallest of details are taken care of. When you are in the follow-up phase, your communication should be prompt and resourceful. We deliver personalized emails with photo albums, videos and other memorable content so they go back with plenty to tell their network about.


Understanding the success of your campaigns is critical to enhancing your overall program. Vanity metrics such as impressions and views can help give a quick dashboard, but we prefer to go a few levels deeper by developing tracking that connects to your core business.

Branded Microsite Recaps

By far our most popular element of campaign follow up are our branded microsite recaps. You can bring so many aspects of your campaign into one dynamic piece of content that your audience will love to scroll through. Our clients have leveraged this type of content for internal presentations as a platform to express the ROI generated from their campaign. On a customer facing application, clients have integrated these recaps into strategic follow up as part of their sales funnel.

Raise the profile of your marketing team.

Your team just executed a world-class event for your top leadership, customers and partners. Take your follow up to the next level with an elevated microsite that will run circles around PDF and PowerPoint follow ups.

  • Beautiful, visual, and digital experience
  • Embed content from social media, videos, and more
  • Live, up-to-date metrics and content
  • Lightweight and easy to email, text or share to social media
  • Mobile-friendly and completely responsive
  • Un-indexed by search, secure and private