Identify the right partnerships that bring sustainable value to your brand.

The sponsorship world is complex

When you're ready to enter the world of sponsorship, we hope you will turn to Sport Dimensions for guidance and partnership designed to drive ROI for your business. We can help identify the property mix best suited to your objectives and get right to work managing the assets you've acquired to achieve your objectives.

Properties will claim they have the resources to support and manage your sponsorship including brand activation, public relations and communications. But once the sale is made to you, your objectives are often sent to the back-burner and that can make delivering results a challenge.

Sport Dimensions represents you and your interests as the sponsor.

Unfortunately, we see many companies over-invest in properties and lack adequate funding to support brand activation programs which are the real drivers of ROI. While there’s no magic formula to fully leverage an asset, we believe a company must achieve a 2:1 activation-to-rights ratio based on the sponsorship investment.

ron-todd.jpgCEO & Founder, Ron Schneider (left) and President, Todd Stonis (right) at SD's headquarters in Englewood, CO.

Real results require real commitment

You will feel our team become a natural extension of yours, equally committed to your results. With a dynamic range of assets available in motorsports sponsorship such as drivers, teams, events, a series or any combination, we can advise where you will see the greatest value based on your objectives.

In an ever-evolving marketplace, we will continually assess and realign your activation strategy as necessary to assure steady growth in the results of your program.

We partner with you to cover a few key points that are built into every relationship:

  • Help you define what you need before you get sold an asset you aren't sure what to do with
  • Develop creative ways for non-traditional business units to leverage and integrate sponsorships
  • Understand where your customers want you to be, so you can meet them there in a creative way

Ready to Move Into the Fast Lane?

We are happy to talk shop with you, from answering a few questions to sketching out a full sponsorship activation strategy.

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