Identify the right partnerships that bring sustainable value to your brand.

The sponsorship world is complex. You're going to need a strategy.

The strategy is an essential element to building value through sponsorships. Beginning with the discovery of your needs, we will identify the right assets and programs that align with your business objectives. By guiding you toward a purposeful mix of assets across sports, venues, teams, drivers, media and more, we can get much more accurate in acquiring what we need to connect directly to your desired outcome. We don’t want to see any assets go unused and there should never be a case where sponsors aren’t sure what to do with what they’re sold.

A massive part of the strategy in partnering together is a focus on activation of these assets rather than new property sales. Unfortunately, we see many sponsors over-invest in properties and lack adequate funding to support brand activation programs which are the real drivers of ROI. While there’s no magic formula to leverage an asset entirely, we believe investing in 2-to-1 activation-to-rights ratio will deliver the best results over time. It is through activation that you can take your brand to where your customers want you to be, and creatively engage them.

In an ever-evolving marketplace, we will continually assess and realign your activation strategy to assure steady growth in the results of your program.


We cover a few key points that are built into every relationship.

Quality Quantity

Doing more with less is one of our specialties. Our team believes in carrying out any project, big or small, with the utmost focus on quality. We strive to eliminate noise and superfluous choices so you can focus on what matters most.

Partnership Pitch

We want to team up with you to maximize value out of what your marketing program already have access to. This will play out in the form of collaborating, innovating, and executing with no time leftover for pitching.

Results  Stunts

When we build out marketing programs together, we prioritize results over any short-lived stunt. You’ll find us developing creative ways for non-traditional business units to leverage and integrate sponsorships.

SD Sponsorship Principles

Committed Partnership

The right sponsorship activation strategy starts on a foundation of strong relationships. A partnership with Team SD means you gain an organic extension of your team with rich expertise in sports marketing. Everything else builds from our relationship together.

Results Come First

We seek to identify what you want to achieve before approaching any individual property. This allows us to build exactly the right portfolio of assets for your needs and design a program with direct ties to the end objective.

Asset Integration

Unlock hidden value by integrating your sponsorship assets into successful marketing programs you already have. This approach strengthens your brand to the audiences that matter most to building your business.

Always Targeted

Most will tell you to maximize investment straight away so that you can “make a splash” in the industry. We tell you the opposite. Let’s start with a small investment and grow organically toward results.

Staying Focused

You will face a lot of noise as a sponsor that comes in the form of solicitation and pitches from every corner of the industry. Some of those might be valid, most of them superfluous. We are on your side to help validate opportunities that align with your goals. Plus, when the pitches come in, you’ll get to say “call my agent” just like you’ve always wanted to do.

Building the Right Asset Mix

There is a significant risk to investing all-in on one particular asset. By building a purposeful mix of assets across sports, venues, teams, drivers, media and more, we can get much more accurate in acquiring what we need to connect directly to your desired outcome.

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