Bring the right property, strategy and activation together to build value.

If your marketing team is active in sponsorship, you're in the right place.

Sponsorships are unlike most forms of marketing. They can't be valued exactly like other forms of marketing and so they can't be approached like other forms of marketing either. If you approach your investment with the right strategy and activation in place, most sponsorships bring a host of added value compared to traditional media buys, particularly if you're trying to reach an elite or elusive demographic that a particular sport already has built and organized for you.

It’s also important to note why you got into sponsorship in the first place. Are you looking for brand awareness? Are you looking to expand into a new type of market? Maybe prove your product, service or technology with a technical partnership? It’s all possible and it’s what we do.

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You have the opportunity to become the best practice.

The key is activation. It is critical to use what you have invested in by building creative content, hosting your own events, integrating the assets into other areas of your brand’s marketing initiatives and extending it all with the right follow up. Unfortunately, many companies over-invest in the property and lack adequate funding to support activation programs. We believe this approach will lead to disappointment every time because activation programs are the real drivers of ROI in any well-executed sports marketing campaign.

The results of using your sponsorship effectively are extremely rich when everything comes together. With the particular mix of assets that your team has at your disposal, we can create programs that tie your marketing investment directly back to sales initiatives, internal promotions, external promotions, partner relations and much more. A sponsorship is the ultimate platform to bring the most important stakeholders together and showcase your brand.

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