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What is the Makeup of a Sports Marketing Agency?

6/28/22 12:41 PM

We believe in a diverse approach to success and that comes from richly talented people collaborating toward common objectives. SD has grown strategically over the last 25 years to bring together expertise from all the major stakeholders of motorsports business. No matter what your objectives are with your sponsorship program, our team has the insight to execute by speaking your language.

Diverse expertise and diverse approaches lead to a more well-rounded, sustainable strategy. Here is a look at how our team is made up to support you.

From the top teams

We pride ourselves in representing sponsors with their best interests first and foremost as our clients. We wouldn't be able to do that if we didn't fully understand what it is like to be on the team side. We are proud to work with some of the winningest teams in racing history and are excited to help deliver value through sponsorship.

  • Teams are there to win and to compete and that will always be their priority
  • There is the reality that teams need money to race
  • Speak their language of assets, timings, logistics and more


From leading sponsors

Being a sponsor is a special thing. It is not like other forms of marketing, so we don't treat it like other forms of marketing either. We know the intricacies of internal demands, brand standards, perceptions and more. We care for your brand as if it were our very own.

  • Sponsors are ultimately the lifeblood of motorsport and are responsible for delivering dreams
  • Activation strategy brings a unique set of needs along with it
  • Balancing top experiences for your audiences with maximum budget effectiveness


From the series side and sanctioning bodies

Sanctioning bodies often don't receive enough credit for the work they do year in and year out. They are responsible for steering the entire platform toward a positive direction and become the central hub for all of the other parties to leverage. It is a delicate balance for a series to keep every stakeholder happy. This includes the top-tier professional series all the way to the grassroots level of clubs and enthusiast organizations.

  • High-profile and demanding standards from various partners
  • They are required to please many different people both internally and externally
  • Thrill their current and core audience while pushing to nurture new audiences


From the financial side

We always have efficiency on our minds when putting together programming for our clients. Putting budget to maximum effectiveness does not always mean spending a lot of it. It just means spending it well to produce the highest possible ROI.

  • There are a host of creative applications for B2B activation with this sector
  • As with any business, funding dictates the pace and scale of your sports marketing program
  • There are often competing objectives on the B2B vs B2C side when finance comes into play

From the engineering department

We are big fans of the behind-the-scenes work and what it takes to produce performance, no matter what business you are in. We have team members that come from the more technical aspects of the sport including motor building and tire engineering that allow us authentically engage and connect with audiences we are hosting and advising.

  • Other than sponsorship, the engineering departments are what differentiate motorsports from any other sport
  • We celebrate this often-overlooked part of the show and allow our audiences to connect with their knowledge
  • If you have a technical-minded audience, time engaging with race engineers will likely outshine every other element of the experience


From the talent development side

Being successful does not mean everything is all technical and mechanical. We bake in a lot of mindfulness and empathy into our work through understanding the human side. The greatest companies, agencies, teams, sponsors and every other organization will always be made up of a collection of people.

  • Respect each person's different approach to communication and challenges
  • Understand the value of experiences, the value of access and the value of real emotion relating to your brand
  • Details around logistics (travel, transportation, accommodation, etc.) are critical elements of experiential marketing

From large, all-in-one agencies

Our focus has been to remain independent, lean and highly potent as we work to create sustainable value. Some of our team has worked with the largest agencies in the world as partners and bring along a respect of what they are able to do as well.

  • Understanding of the varying levels of relationships with clients
  • Continually grow our network, access and industry insight
  • Staying focused to our core competencies


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