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Consistent or Repetitive?

5/9/23 7:11 AM

Rapidly switching platforms and tactics is a difficult way to find ROI, especially when large amounts of budget are involved. It takes time to grow into a platform - no matter what it is. Leaving behind equity built up is one of the most expensive things marketers can do. We see this a lot in the sponsorship world as part of the 3-and-out issue. Brands come in fast in year one by spending loads of money, and then they have a reality check in year two without much enhancement, then inevitably in year three they fade.

Set yourself up so that everything you do enhances what you already have, creating new layers of value. This approach takes discipline and can be especially difficult to stick with during difficult or unusual operating environments but will prove endlessly valuable for your brand.

Don't mistake repetitive with consistent.

Chances are your message is only repetitive to you, because you live and breath the messaging every day. Think of your experience with other brands. Is their messaging repetitive to you, or is it thoughtfully consistent? Since your audience isn't seeing you or hearing from you every single day in the same place, you want to make sure each time you do connect with them, it is aligned.

The best messaging is consistent and each tactic introduced allows the idea to build on itself in a new way. This is the constant force that builds up to ultimately become a brand.

Marketing wizard Seth Godin has written about the power of consistency in many ways. He identifies two dangerous points of failure that many of us are guilty of:

One, when we ignore the drips around us and discover that we've been swamped by incremental culture change that we didn't see coming. And second, when we think a few chaotic but heartfelt claps are going to be sufficient to have an impact.

The regular and recurring actions aren't always so glamorous, but over time, they make all the difference in the world. With many things constantly shifting internally, it pays to invest in consistency.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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