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NASCAR's Field of Dreams

5/17/23 4:58 PM

NASCAR's upcoming All-Star race at North Wilkesboro Speedway has every opportunity of being like one of our favorite sports moments of the last few years - the MLB's Field of Dreams game and recreation. Let's take a look back at what made the MLB's event so special in hopes of seeing NASCAR pull through similar memories. Enjoy the special preview of the weekend at the end.

The MLB's anticipated recreation of the nostalgic Field of Dreams experience was a masterclass in sports business and activation. It was the ultimate connection of your heritage and the emotion that only sport can bring. The game itself was exciting and as pure as baseball gets, but for us, it came alive in the details of executing the sponsorship space.

It wouldn't have been the same without Kevin Costner throwing the first pitch. James Earl Jones' perfectly placed monologue. Having the players enter the game through the outfield rows of corn. Curating the intimate setting available only to the most passionate. The authenticity of the proximity to the original filming location.

We see corporate compromise in the marketplace all day long where the skew is generally to the "it's good enough" or "we aren't going to do anything for that." But this game, this activation, seemed to ensure everything was just right and worthy of the circumstance it promised us. We felt lucky to be able to enjoy this one. Our compliments to the series, teams, venue, media and agencies that made this happen.

Shifting gears to the race coming up, the team at Fox has put together a great preview of the weekend for you to compare these two approaches. We love celebrating history and returning to the roots and are excited to see what's in store this weekend!

Thank you to NASCAR for the header image.

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