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Experiences First, Content Later

10/5/21 2:24 PM

The demand for digital content and engagement is massive. Brands want content that their audience relates to and for a good reason - it is incredibly effective. No matter how much the digital side of things are expanding, we believe the human and in-person things need to develop at least as much to keep up. If you look at most of the world’s digital content, you will find a lot of the most engagement comes from the documentation of real, human emotion. Or real, human competition.

So what happens first? The content or the experience? As a manager with limited brand resources, how do you know where to invest to maximize content development ROI?


Start with the experience

We believe the best content comes from the best experiences. If you focus your resources on the best in-person experiences, it is almost certain you will be able to generate great digital content from them. Gary Vaynerchuk has done an excellent job of wrapping this idea up and we very much want to build on that for the modern motorsports marketer.

How do I create 6-7 meaningful things a day? I’ll give you the biggest tip when it comes to content creation: Document. Don’t create. 

-Gary Vaynerchuk

If you are looking into forms of marketing that offer excellent opportunities for documentation, look no further than sponsorship assets. By strategically leveraging sponsorship, the world of content you can build by simply following your team and guests to the various events your sponsorship is activated brings you authentically rich stories to tell your audience. 

This adds layers upon layers of ROI to your sponsorship program because it takes an event that has finite time (a race weekend for example) and breaths evergreen engagement into it. Our friends at Intercom have written about the power of this idea of evergreen content, a strategy that has taken them from a startup to a massive SaaS player. 

The content you are generating from your activations can also be positioned to different audiences that are important to your brand. Engage your employees internally by showcasing your brand at leading events or invite customers to an upcoming business summit with content from a past event.

Put it into action

All of this engagement can be had from activities you may already be doing. With a touch of alignment, a little bit of creativity, and lean execution - you can expand your sports marketing program by new dimensions.

Let your experiences contribute to the ROI of your sponsorship.

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