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How Does Sponsorship Work With Your Marketing Strategy?

12/13/22 9:44 AM

Your marketing strategy is likely comprised of various campaigns and platforms to reach and engage your target audience. We have seen how an explosion of digital and social media has shifted the landscape for brands. Ads are being skipped at a record pace, and various types of advertising have become noisy. Even $6m Super Bowl ads are not immune to the new consumer more interested in relevance and experience than a fancy ad production.

Often, the most valuable opportunity for brands to activate their strategy effectively in sports is through sponsorship. It isn't as easy as dropping a logo on the hood of a car, or the front of a jersey. The backend of sponsorship comes in the form of sports business, where you want to partner with industry expertise.

Being involved in sponsorship doesn't always require your entire marketing budget. You can treat it as a strategic supplement to your existing marketing strategy. It can be a vital component, as sponsorship opens the door for your brand to the ever-important world of live entertainment. This is the place where you can engage your audience in a refreshing and exciting way, oftentimes becoming more genuine in the process.

This approach offers great flexibility to fit varying budget levels, and you will find that depending on your objectives as a brand/marketer, you can apply your budget to various assets integrated into a comprehensive program that drives your objectives forward. We encourage our partners to start small to understand the environment and grow toward where they start seeing results.

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Ron Schneider

Written by Ron Schneider

As the founder and CEO of Sport Dimensions, Ron has worked on the technical, agency and commercial sides of the motorsports business for over two decades. A native of suburban Chicago, Illinois, Ron was brought up around cars and racing. His family’s farm was a hot spot for local hot-rodders and the place he learned and earned his love for all things automotive.