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Focus on Experiences and the Content Will Follow

11/5/19 3:02 PM

The explosion of digital platforms in the last ten years has been nothing short of remarkable. The access, reach and lowering of costs that social and digital marketing platforms have developed continue to introduce a host of opportunities for brands to engage their audiences. This has led to a slide for brands that has eroded the human elements that originally put them on the map. We believe that your marketing does not have to be 100% digital…all of the time. Here's why.

Those upsides have not come for free.

Brands are increasingly finding out that going all digital has its risks as well. The leading social advertising platforms have been running uphill over privacy concerns, appropriate content distribution practices, manipulation, and spam. No doubt they will continue efforts to clean this up, but it makes for an excellent opportunity for your brand to diversify into other forms of marketingNow more than ever, we cannot forget about the explicitly human element of marketing that can leave a mark and give you chills. 


Re-Introduce Your Brand’s Offline Touch Points

If you focus on creating an impactful and real experience for your stakeholders, the digital content will follow naturally especially if you focus on engaging the right audience. Your guests will spread their experience faster and more authentically than any single form of advertising.

Bringing people onsite to experience your brand in person is far more impressionable and shows an investment on your part to engage others of similar interests. Various forms of sponsorship allow this engagement to take place and with the right activation, your guests will be blown away. 

Other that just the racing, venues are increasingly improving their onsite experiences. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, recently purchased by Penske Corporation, brings together history, music, racing, golf and more in one epic venue. Remarkably, this list of experiences is only what is available to purchase. With the right partnerships and networks, we can build business programs that open your brand up to the world's best "can't-be-bought" assets to leverage with your employees, partners and customers.

My question to you:
What are the ways you bring offline touch points to your brand?

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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