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Maximizing Motorsports Sponsorship

8/22/23 1:22 PM

From events to teams to the entire series, there are many ways for your brand to leverage this platform as part of your marketing strategy. You know what they say, “there’s strength in numbers,” and being partnered with a motorsports property can be incredibly beneficial to your brand - even if that means hooking into an iRacing event.

Heightened visibility, increased sales, differentiation and unique assets make this one of the most exciting platforms to be involved with. It is a different world, so there are some things to consider before heading in.

1. Identify your goals before you start looking at things to sponsor

What are you looking to get out of sponsorship? Once you’ve decided on your goals, deciding what your brand will mesh best with will be much easier. Are you looking to develop engagement from your audience? Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand? Do you already have brand awareness but maybe want to change the perception of your brand? Your goal will play a significant role in the decisions you make throughout the life of your partnership.

2. Identify the unique selling points you would like to convey

Your unique selling points will excite teams to partner with your brand and allow synergies to develop in partnership. Knowing the unique aspects of the product or service you want to promote will help your team stay focused as you develop the various brand activation programs key to delivering ROI in a sponsorship.

3. Is winning really everything?

Winning is never guaranteed in motorsports. Being strategic with what kind of team you partner with could mean not being part of a winning team but overall, having a more successful partnership for your business. A successful partnership will tie your brand activation to sales growth, efficiency, or another business objective. We believe in guiding your brand toward a sustainable relationship with the correct value equation to bring you results. Read more about how this works here.

4. Be prepared for trial and error

Finding the sweet spot in motorsports sponsorship is a process. It takes time and a little adjusting to determine the best formula for your brand and partners. Just like a driver testing out a track for the first time, finding your groove is essential, even if it takes some trial and error. We recommend you start small and grow into the results you see.

Check the other top considerations to maximize sponsorship ROI.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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