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Stay Nimble

10/27/21 2:57 PM

Things change fast in this market. Cycles are speeding up, value perceptions actively shift, sponsorship strategies look significantly different than just two years ago. These changes are made more challenging by regulatory environments presenting in surprising ways that restrict the kinds of activation you can leverage.

A focus of ours during our own growth planning, new projects and campaign design is the ability to stay nimble.

Nimbleness is built into our agency foundation. It allows us to react quickly to our client's needs while also staying ahead of the market by testing new activations, learning from them and incorporating those back into our operations.

To test your own nimbleness you need to look beyond your own company. If the agency you choose to work with on a project is less nimble than you are, you may end up with a campaign less nimble than you need.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan of all types, the global and exact nature of F1 is still his favorite.