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Finding the Right Platform to Engage Your Customers

2/21/23 8:32 AM

Sponsorship continues to prove itself beyond a logo on a car. In the last 10 years, the business side of sports has exploded and has opened up year-round opportunities to engage your customer base. This expanded hunt for value in sponsorship has turned these brand and team relationships into full-on B2B partnerships that extend far beyond the race track.

Activate your sponsorship with a dynamic approach that engages your customer base where they are. 

The most talked-about assets you will unlock with sponsorship are the ones that give you special access to the event, team or venue you have signed with. This mix of assets should be the primary method for bringing your customers right to the center of the action. You are looking for assets that can be turned into can't-be-bought experiences. Your goal is to position your brand as the one that brought these things to life for your customer.

Beyond the element of exclusivity these events can provide - it is ultimately all about face time and opportunities to connect that are more memorable than a conference call. Bringing clients to an event that has provided value for decades and continues to improve.

We continue to develop VIP experiences at entitlement events like the Quaker State 400 presented by Walmart at Atlanta Motor Speedway and get reactions like this all the time:

We enjoyed everything about the experience. The garages, the pit walk, sitting in the drivers meeting, meeting the race team and driver and getting pictures, but the ultimate had to be sitting on the Pit Box to watch the race. It was incredible! I have been following the sport for a long time, but this was the ultimate experience.

Seeing the look on people's faces that are experiencing racing in person for the first time is something special. It is tough to beat, but we do recognize that the logistics of bringing people to your sponsored event can be challenging depending on your business.

In those cases, we develop ways to bring the race to your customers. Our Experiential Marketing Teams are always visiting various high-value markets across the US on behalf of our clients bringing the excitement right to the customer's neighborhood. Bringing the race to your customers could come in the form of a showcar, a driver appearance, a team visit, or even a custom experiential setup with racing simulators and brand presentations.

Leading up to that same race in Atlanta is our Retailtainment program, engaging multiple different parties in-market one week before the race itself. Having an additional presence enhances the community's embrace of the race and can provide compelling brand-building opportunities.


We have seen this marketing strategy work in fantastic form for clients with physical locations where customers visit. Not only is this an exciting experience for your customers, but you are reaching them at the exact time of their buying decision when your display is setup at a location.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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