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Less Options Can Lead to Better Choices

8/8/23 1:14 PM

Never before in history have you had more choices as a consumer or as a decision maker. Lower barriers to entry and greater access to large audiences have fueled an unprecedented expansion of options big and small. In your personal life, that means choices like clothing brands, apps to use, sparkling water flavors, movies to see, songs to listen to, books to learn from…and just about every other corner of your passions. 

As for your professional life, you have more directions to choose from than ever before. Just in the marketer’s world alone who wants to grow her profile and reach her audience, there is digital, video, social, VR, AR, Web3, 3D, print, broadcast, product placement, influencer, sports, radio, podcast and more. That’s a small sample with each direction demanding different resources and custom applications.

Many of our brainwaves now go toward thinking about, pondering, considering, contemplating, evaluating and comparing every possible variable out there. This level of access is remarkable until it freezes your work, your decision-making, and your progress.

Do you want more choices or help making the right decisions?

Retail sites and shopping experiences are dedicated to both elements, but ultimately they want to help you make the right choice. Amazon, for example, has more options than anyone. But it is their suggested product section, compare tools and their customer review platform that makes it easier for you to make the right decision.

In the sports marketing and activation world, there are so many unseen hours planning, developing, vetting, testing, negotiating, checking, and re-checking of elements that go into a project it would be easy for any brand to get overwhelmed with the right direction to go. We like to think of this approach as a budget allocation, regardless of the marketing budget. You get a new look by breaking it down visually.

Check out a few example scenarios to consider based on your primary objective:

HubSpot Video

Let’s get your mind fired up: Where should the budget be focused? How far in advance do we need to confirm plans? What is the best creative for this platform? How do these activities benefit my business objectives now, in three months, six months or two years? That is a lot of decision-making before you even get to the main points of making your marketing effective.

It is not necessarily a line-item service that we provide. Still, it is there and is one of the most critical: remove the noise and unnecessary choices to present the relevant solutions relevant to your business.

The Opportunity of Limited Choice.

How a tested process benefits you.

When your brand enters a new arena of opportunity, there comes a significant investment in time and resources to get up to speed with how that new arena works. Teams, tracks and other properties live in this space day in and day out, so they know exactly what to do right when they meet you, even if those actions do not directly contribute to your success. Since you may not have the luxury of a long learning curve, seeking expertise behind the scenes can provide exceptional value. Much of that value comes from removing all the noise and distractions that will allow you to focus on your business results.

Ultimately, you will be delivered a strategic mix of assets to consider like the ones shown above. The assets are all chosen with some critical elements in mind:

  • Business objectives
  • Different audiences you want to engage
  • Essential markets
  • Budget and investment
  • Any other campaigns you seek to integrate

This does not happen automatically but it does happen significantly faster with help. And meanwhile, you can continue to focus on the pressing elements of your other responsibilities. We understand there are conferences to organize, statuses to be kept, and other ongoing campaigns. All of these choices have increased exponentially to take up your time. Your role's expectations have grown, creating a difficult position to manage effectively.

We can take you from the overwhelmed to the taken care of.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan of all types, the global and exact nature of F1 is still his favorite.