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When Sponsorships Become Partnerships

6/1/22 2:10 PM

One of the greatest periods of time in motorsports is the final weekend in May. The United States celebrates Memorial Day and three of the world’s largest series all compete throughout the weekend across Monaco (F1), Indianapolis (INDYCAR) and Charlotte (NASCAR). Corresponding with all of the racing action are generally a host of announcements from organizations looking to fully leverage the weekend’s platform.

We took 2022’s event weekend to announce exciting news for our clients that we’ve been working on for some time now. Shell announced that they will become the official fuel supplier of INDYCAR, and will also produce a 100% renewable race fuel starting in 2023 – the first for any U.S. motorsport series. This was covered by RacerSBJMotorsport.comESPNNBC Sports...and quite a few others.


It has been a really exciting project for us to develop 100% renewable based fuel for the NTT INDYCAR Series. So our fuel composition includes a significant portion of second-generation ethanol derived from waste biomass, such as sugar cane maize. The rest of the composition consists of renewable components derived from food waste. So this gives us a low-carbon fuel that’s 100-percent renewable, enabling at least 60-percent greenhouse gas reduction compared to fossil fuel-based gasoline.

Now, second-generation ethanol, also referred to as cellulosic ethanol, is obtained from waste feedstocks, and therefore does not compete with the food chain. With respect to the performance of our renewable fuel, it has been tested and approved by both engine manufacturers in the series, Chevrolet and Honda, and has met the demanding needs of INDYCAR engines with high performance and durability.

- Selda Gunsel, VP of Technology at Shell

Sport Dimensions is proud to support Shell through this massive expansion of innovation and activation in INDYCAR. We coordinated the media efforts around this announcement, aligned multiple business units, guided the strategy discussions and will also be onsite throughout this agreement to carry out various activations. We even chipped in by building out the backdrop used at the IMS Media Center (seen above).

We work behind the scenes as a motorsports marketing agency on projects that turn what looks to be a standard sponsorship to wide-reaching B2B technical partnerships

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