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Reach vs. Engagement

3/21/23 7:40 AM

Providing memorable experiences to fans and customers makes your brand genuine to engage with. Those experiences don't have to be all in person, but they don't have to be all virtual either. Here's how you can build out experiential programs as a major piece of your overall marketing strategy. The successful marketing focus in the long run will be built sustainably and thoughtfully.

Consider the $7 million brands spent for 30 seconds of air time at the Super Bowl last month. That is in addition to the production costs of the ad, fees, etc. While the reach is massive, how meaningful is that reach and how engaging is it?

With that same $7 million of marketing budget, what can your brand build that is multi-faceted and will last for the entire year? This concept is magnified when the majority of your budget is spent on one ad. If you happen to spend that level of money on just one ad, and then one month later a major shift in consumer habit happens that is independent of your product or service, how will you adapt?

If you approach other creative avenues to bring your brand to life, the same $7 million budget can be packed full of value and extended into a sustainable, business-driving activation program over many years. Test and learn by growing where you are seeing success. 

Let's now look into the 4 major pillars of value in the sports marketing world.

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Todd Stonis

Written by Todd Stonis

Todd Stonis brings more than a decade of client-side marketing experience to Sport Dimensions as our President, where he develops sponsorship strategies and oversees activation for a variety of high profile clients and events. He is based out of our Denver office and loves his time spent in the Rockies with his family.