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Recovering Lost Value

9/28/21 10:54 AM

The last 18 months of alternate realities have made brands question the effectiveness and resilience of their investments across all forms of business. Still, for some reason, marketing is the first cut when times become uncertain. This has opened up some gaps in traditional approaches to sponsorship - which at one point relied solely on "butts in seats."

Something we have regularly advocated for is the extension of value outside of the event weekend. Executing the event at a top-level is a given for us and will always be taken care of for our clients. Our push is to build sustainable value in addition to the event weekend. We constantly seek ways to enhance the overall experience of our audience well before and well after the event.

This quote from Sports Pro Media's latest summary related to current conditions.

Both sides have been too reliant on assets like signage and media that exist around the live event itself; instead the focus should be on how the two can work together to engage and add value to the community and fan base outside of a game day. If that partnership strategy is already in place, there’s no need to pivot when the play stops, only the need to develop new tactics and messaging.

Content is a significant element of this approach and that comes in the form of creative communications. We also are actively connecting sponsorship assets to business programs and campaigns outside of the actual partnership. This allows for layers upon layers of value to be added over time throughout an entire organization.

We are cautiously and optimistically looking forward to how we will advise our clients to taper back into a post-pandemic environment. We know it will not be a light switch and we know that we will not be getting back to "normal," but rather we will emerge a more capable and thoughtful collective.

Let's do it.

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