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7/11/18 1:55 PM

When you are looking for marketing opportunities that are authentic and fresh, give motorsports a closer look. Things like unique viewing spaces, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and special access are what really blow the mind of your guests. As a sponsor, your guests can be anyone from leading customers to high-producing employees. With the right sponsorship activation, your logo on the track or car often becomes the smallest asset in the mix

With the clear need for marketing ROI and a heightened importance on company culture, brands are continually looking for unique ways to engage customers and employees. With sponsorship and strategic brand activation, this engagement can happen simultaneously.

As a leading example, our partners at Quaker State have integrated these concepts into their overall marketing strategy nicely. Through the title sponsorship of the annual Quaker State 400 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race at Kentucky Speedway, they have built a unique platform to bring customer engagement to life that in turn fuels company culture. This approach has been so successful, they have recently announced a 5 year extension of their sponsorship.

This program has allowed them to provide an entertainment experience that is unique to the event. Most recently, Quaker State leveraged this opportunity to engage a leading customer that has driven business throughout the year. As a reward for top off-track performance results, guests enjoyed special access to Pit Zero for their hard work.

quaker-state-pit-zero-view.jpg Quaker State guests enjoy Pit Zero, an innovative viewing experience next to pit lane built from activating motorsports partnerships.

The value equation is furthered when employees, partners and potential customers see Quaker State become larger than life with brand activation all over Kentucky Speedway. According to NASCAR legend, Larry McReynolds, Quaker State is the only group to have sponsored the same race at the same track since the very beginning. Having this consistency allows equity to continuously build year after year, something that is difficult to achieve with other forms of media and marketing.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan, he says there's no feeling like being on the starting line of a Top Fuel drag race.


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