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Here's Why You Don't Need Wins to Build Value with Sponsorship

3/5/19 3:48 PM

Sponsorships are high profile, and therefore are highly scrutinized as part of the overall marketing strategy. Often, this will leave brands thinking that if their logo isn’t part of a winning team then the business side of their involvement isn't winning either. These two things do not have to go hand-in-hand, and by developing the right brand activation programs your sponsorship can evolve into a business or technical partnership that reaches far beyond shared logo space.

Even when your team isn’t coming in first, your brand can still win. Here’s how.

You’re engaging employees

A team that isn’t passionate about what they’re doing is already losing. Motorsports have so many connections to business through teamwork, communication, trust and the desire to succeed. This creates a relevant springboard for you to improve your own team skills.

Take the assets that are included in your agreement and direct them toward your employees as a reward for great work. This could come in the form of a congratulatory video from the driver, or a piece of race-used memorabilia. Even better is organizing a day at the race track for the ultimate experience. Getting to see firsthand where the money is going will put lasting purpose behind the effort.

sport-dimensions-motorsports-marketing-agency-hosting-guestsLeverage your sponsorship assets to engage with your employees outside of the office and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

You're building authority with a targeted audience

Motorsports fans are among some of the most dedicated fans in all of sports. 86% of NASCAR fans believe that a car can’t run without its sponsors and 81% of fans appreciate what sponsors provide to the NASCAR experience. In today's environment sponsors aren’t just an add-on to the motorsports world; they’re a huge part of the total experience. This is a platform for you to meet you potential customers on that is non-interruptive by nature causing your brand and messaging to come through in an organic way.

Other forms of media by nature interrupt customers from doing what they originally wanted to do. That can lead to a negative experience, especially since we are more and more trained to tune out things that don't apply to us.

You have gained exclusive access

Motorsports offers you ways to promote your brand in ways traditional media can't come close to. You can take the money you are about to spend on a TV or print advertisement and turn it into a business-driving sales competition and VIP race day experience through your sponsorship. Programs like this are what inspire your employees, partners and customers to produce great work and business results over a longer period of time.

“As a marketing vehicle, auto racing is a proven winner. No sport attracts more corporate sponsorship dollars. Racing is regarded as an exciting, glamorous, unique and effective marketing tool.”

United States Auto Club

You can build diverse audiences

With such a variety of series and audiences engaged in motorsports, you have the opportunity to create a mix across the ones that will deliver the most value to your brand. With the right brand activation, you can reach a global audience through Formula 1, a Millennial audience through Formula Drift, or a wide-reaching American audience through NASCAR and NHRA. You can remain flexible to tailor what you do around the launch of a new product or service, introduction to a new market or a host of other creative promotions. These 4 key benefits to performance marketing are a sample of why business success doesn't require your team to win each weekend.

Winning is great but we want your brand to be in position where winning is the icing on the cake to your otherwise ROI-generating activation work. If you are ready for more, this guide is here to help you navigate the nuances of sports marketing in your business.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan, he says there's no feeling like being on the starting line of a Top Fuel drag race.


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