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5 Questions We Get Asked About Motorsport Marketing

3/1/22 9:38 AM

Motorsports is an exciting, effective, and fast-paced world to bring your brand to life. With many opportunities to take advantage of, onsite and offsite, a successful program requires some planning. There are some key questions here to get you started, followed up by a link to the ultimate guide to motorsports marketing, a place for you to pick up the fundamentals.

Our focus is on starting small, thinking sustainably, testing and learning, and growing steadily toward the results. This approach insulates you from third-party risks and major market shifts by empowering you with flexibility and accuracy.


1. Where do I start?

Starting with grassroots activation, your brand can generate value through motorsports with some less traditional marketing strategy. This will also help you see the specific ways your program will work and deliver results for you.

🏁3 Ideas to Start in Motorsports Marketing

2. Can I manage my own sponsorship?

Going into sponsorship without representation is a bit like going to court without a lawyer. It's possible, it is just far more difficult. In the end, managing your own sponsorship program can leave big-time ROI on the table. Partnering with a motorsport agency will save you money in the long run.

🏁3 Things That Happen (or don't) When You Manage Your Own Sponsorship

3. What are some things that go wrong in motorsports marketing?

Start out strong straight from the beginning by keeping these key points in mind so you can avoid them.

🏁5 Common Pitfalls of Sponsorship Programs


4. Does my driver or team have to win races to get value?

Success on the track does not have to dictate the business results you gain from your marketing work. Plus, your marketing team cannot control what happens on the track. Focus on what you can control, which is the activation. Imagine your sponsorship has no branding and no logo placement. Could you still get maximum value?

🏁Do I Need to Win Races to Get Value From My Motorsports Sponsorship?

5. Can I even afford to be involved?

The myth is that motorsports is prohibitively expensive. With some creativity and insight, you will find there are more opportunities than meet the eye that will drive wide-ranging value.

🏁4 Keys to Building Value No Matter Your Budget

We go into more detail about these topics with this Definitive Guide to Motorsports Marketing.

Access the Guide

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