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What Comes After a Major Event You Sponsor

8/3/21 10:42 AM

A lot of the work we do revolves some of the world's most well-attended and watched events from the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal to IndyCar's Indianapolis 500. All eyes are on during the event, and you have heard us chat about what the lead up to an event is like, but what about what happens right after a major event that your brand is sponsoring?

It is easy to think that the sunset of event day is the actual end of the event. For us, the end of the event marks the beginning of what ends up being one of the most important stages of an event's lifecycle. The post-event stage is where you are able to take stock of performance and understand how your activations made a difference in achieving the objectives you set out to achieve. Timeliness and urgency are paramount to us as we serve our client base.

Here is what it looks like after an event.

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The night of

Even though there is a load of work that is about to come your way, it is important to take a breath and enjoy your achievement. Activating an event on a large scale is no easy feat. You are operating at the highest level with critical VIPs and plenty of things you cannot control, but still must manage.

Celebrate and enjoy the "calm before the storm" when you get back to the hotel.

The day after

The day immediately following the event day primarily consists of collection. There are more than a few stakeholders that have been documenting, photographing, recording, reporting, etc. and all of that raw footage will become the backbone of recap content for various audience types. Our first task is to aggregate all of this in one place.

We also look to send out any required guest follow up including thank you emails, photo albums and experience surveys.

The week after

The media results and figures from broadcasting, venue, team and sanctioning body start to roll in. These are critical to document and understand the overall performance of the event year over year. These may be extra-important to you depending on your level of media investment and goals around exposure.

Impressions and other vanity-like metrics can be a distraction. If the size of the TV audience doesn't tie to your objective for being a sponsor, then don't stress over it. You can consider your investment succesful if you were there to host 6 VIP customers and they had an amazing time with a follow-up meeting already set. We make sure to delineate these differences from the very beginning to avoid confusion.

Editing the video footage captured also happens during the week after the event. Editing can take a lot of diligence and time so we want to get started straight away. Our goal with video is to create an exciting asset that can be shared with those who were not able to attend and make them feel as if they were there. This turns into a great tool to promote next year's event should your brand have a multi-year relationship.

Two weeks after

By this point, we have everything we need to provide comprehensive internal communications to the different stakeholders involved. This includes distilled metrics, sharp imagery and video, customer testimonials and any key points of improvement to consider for the next event.

Three weeks after

We will organize time with the key stakeholders to come together for a final review of the event, the results, the materials, the feedback, etc. and look to conclude everything with a good sense of how it all went. This meeting is critical because it offers closure and the best chance to build a foundation for the next event.

A massive shoutout also goes out to all of the accounting and bookkeeping departments involved. It takes a remarkable amount of detail and effort to make sure funding is placed where it needs to be placed at the right times to make everything function. This process can sometimes stretch farther than a month after the event due to any number of circumstances.

Onto the next one

In most cases, our next one starts during all of the above so it is very much about managing various, overlapping timelines. We consider the activity post-event just as important as the event itself and use it as a springboard for future work.

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