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Sponsorship Activation Spotlight: The Asset Appearance

3/28/17 12:21 PM

The activation component of a sponsorship is where we see the ROI of sponsorship programs accelerate. There are many opportunities to take an existing asset that is unique on its own, add a touch of strategy, and turn your property into the place to be on a given day. 2022 can provide a refreshing and long overdue launch of a new location, service or promotion. Tapping into assets you may already have within your sponsorship agreement, such as a showcar or driver visit, can make for a special way to enhance your location for a period of time.

Double down on this if there is a major event coming to your area. The alignment of the different activities adds up and connects your location to a wider story that may be attractive to new audiences.


Our top 3 tips to increase the value of an asset appearance

Contact your regular vendors that you have a working relationship with
For example, the teams that supply your stores. Let them know what you have coming up and see what kind of support they can provide you. Often they will support your promotion at little or no cost, while getting a chance to promote their products and services to your customers. This also counts for local media or community boards.

Engage with your local municipal services
Invite the local police and/or firefighters to come by and set up their trucks and cars; offering education and community engagement to kids and families. With a real-life race car in the scene, your location will be a media hit.

Set up a grilling station
For minimal extra investment, you can thank your customers for stopping by your property with a quick bite to eat. Let some good food bring people together with the showcar as the perfect backdrop to learn more about motorsports and the services you offer.

We see a lot of clients invest in an asset appearance, whether that be a showcar, driver or celebrity, and expect that asset alone to drive business. This unfortunately falls short and lacks the most important element of this type of promotion - intentional fan/customer engagement. Send us a note if you have questions, we would love to learn more and connect further.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

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