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Sponsorship Activation Spotlight: The Asset Appearance

3/28/17 12:21 PM

The activation part of a sponsorship is where we see the ROI of sponsorship programs accelerate. There are many opportunities to take an existing asset that is unique on its own, add a touch of strategy, and turn your property into the place to be on a given day. As a large customer of Shell-Pennzoil products, Jacksons Car Wash in Peoria, AZ had a unique opportunity to leverage a key asset Shell-Pennzoil has as part of their sponsorship in NASCAR - the #22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford showcar run by Sport Dimension's Experiential Marketing & Merchandising Team. The team recently put on a textbook promotional long weekend, strategically timing it and leveraging multiple assets to create a powerful weekend of customer engagement they can use for months to come.To celebrate their re-launch with style, Jacksons started by reserving an appearance of the #22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford NASCAR showcar.

They strategically timed the appearance on the weekend of the Camping World 500 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race when a lot of energy was building up for the race. They expanded their engagement with free car washes, discounted premium oil changes, interactive racing simulators, free burgers, hot dogs and sodas plus other contests.The integration of these efforts coupled with strategic timing generated a marquee weekend for Jacksons, and turned it into the place to be around race weekend. They had a film crew promoting the site, which was broadcast to local networks. Point of purchase collateral leading up to the weekend expanded word of mouth excitement.

Our top 3 tips to increase the value of an asset appearance:

  1. Contact your regular vendors that you have a working relationship with. For example, the teams that supply your stores. Let them know what you have coming up and see what kind of support they can provide you. Often they will support your promotion at little or no cost, while getting a chance to promote their products and services to your customers.
  2. Engage with your local municipal services. Invite the local police and/or firefighters to come by and set up their trucks and cars; offering education and community engagement to kids and families. With a real-life race car in the scene, your location will be a media hit.
  3. Set up a grilling station. For minimal extra investment, you can thank your customers for stopping by your property with a quick bite to eat. While they fill up their cars and bellies, they can enjoy learning about motorsport and performance with the showcar. We see a lot of clients invest in an asset appearance, whether that be a showcar, driver or celebrity, and expect that asset alone to drive business. This unfortunately falls short and lacks the most important element of this type of promotion - intentional fan/customer engagement. Send us a note if you have questions, we would love to learn more and connect further.

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Austin Schneider

Written by Austin Schneider

Austin has built his experience around the world in digital marketing, business development and client service. He loves the fast pace of working in sports business and is always excited to collaborate on new projects. An avid motorsports fan of all types, the global and exact nature of F1 is still his favorite.


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